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ALGER  SYDNEYSeyd at aol.com
BARDMESS  beezy at mvdsl.com
BECKER  PWelch1057 at aol.com
BLUNT  bazboll at comcast.net
BOOTH  lauren at orton.ws
BORLAND   jtdris@comcast.net
BOYD  hithertoo@msn.com
BROSNAHAN  jfulmer@ckt.net
BRYANT  pmcastagneto at earthlink.net
BURDICK   jtdris@comcast.net
CAMPBELL  bardsidler at earthlink.net
CANFIELD  marcenath at aol.com
CASE  RDCJoss at aol.com
CASNER  eeffree at flash.net
CHEGWIDDEN  jandavis at cts.com
CHESIRE  cheshire at ticon.net
CIPRIANI  halesweb@aol.com
CON  gigimarunde at hotmail.com
CONRADT  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net
COOK  woman2th at mvdsl.com 
COWDEN  lllhale at yahoo.com 
CRAIG   jtdris@comcast.net
CREEK  bocapark at aol.com 
CULBERT  hazel at maui.net 
CULVER  latexaz at cybertrails.com 
CUYLER  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
DAGLEY  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
DAILEY  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
DAVIS  Davidgrrtts at wmconnect.com 
DEKAY  jillbusybee at aol.com 
DEVER  mldpurple@yahoo.com 
DEVERE  mldpurple@yahoo.com 
DIDLAKE  marcenath at aol.com 
DOWLER  marcenath at aol.com
DUFFY  vicpip42@neofast.net
DUNLAP  willie@win4co.com
ELMER  sherene1@cox.net
ELY  Sshultz at aol.com
EMBREY  pettem at earthlink.net
EMDE  legacy at comnett.net
FARREN  gigimarunde@hotmail.com
FISCHER  pkashcraft@direcway.com.
FROSIG  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
GALLAGHER  Xfiremar@aol.com
GEARY  JohnVGeary@CS.Com
GIESEKING  willie@win4co.com
GOLDMAN  captcurt31@aol.com
GRAMMER  quest@insightbb.com
GREY  mldpurple@yahoo.com 
GRIGGS  Fuzzyroy@verizon.net
GULLING  pacshc@verizon.net
GUNDLACH  mldpurple@yahoo.com 
HAGENS  pats@cavenet.com
HALL  legacy@comnett.net 
HANCOCK  bobelle@springcreek.net 
HENDERSON  lucille.teno at valley.net
HERZ  CChadbourn at aol.com
HESS  stabre at pennswood.net
HOSKEN  jandavis at cts.com
HOUSTON  houston@co.clark.nv.us
HOWES  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
JACOBI  arleta@bluevalley.net
JAMES  lgordon at shaw.ca
JOHNSON  marcenath at aol.com
JOHNSON  hazel at maui.net
JOHNSON  pats at cavenet.com
JUREY  marcenath at aol.com
KELLY  mtnman at lasvegas.net
KELLY  captcurt31 at aol.com
KENNEDY  pats at cavenet.com
KENYON  greatscot at attbi.com
KILDAY  pjh44@comcast.net
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KING  bbzahn at aazahn.com
KINSMAN  reag at earthlink.net
KIRBY  captcurt31 at aol.com
LANDRY  pjh44@comcast.net
LANGEVIN  garymbarton@garymbarton.com
LANI  beezy at mvdsl.com
LECAIN-LE CAIN  lucille.teno at valley.net 
LEDGERWOOD  legacy at comnett.net 
LEVALLY  pettycrewkd@yahoo.com 
LIVERMORE  marcenath at aol.com
LOVETT  djordan4@rochester.rr.com 
MACK  Kgriffinnelson at aol.com 
MALO  garymbarton@garymbarton.com 
MANTOOTH  woman2th at mvdsl.com 
MARKER  pacshc@verizon.net 
MARTIN  rfwms at millry.net
MCCART  simonraike at yahoo.com
MCCOY  bbzahn at aazahn.com
MCCOY  bbzahn at aazahn.com
MCDUFFIE  BRAJ1946 at aol.com
MCGRATH  nvbabs56@charter.net
MCKEE  IrishAuges@aol.com
MCMILLAN  boblex@rcn.com
MILES  masabeth at peoplepe.com
MILLER  pats at cavenet.com
MONKS  bphargreaves at comcast.net
MOORE  jandavis at cts.com
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NOLAN  pats at cavenet.com
NORWOOD  barbsidler at earthlink.net
OSBORN(E)  roycl at earthlink.net
PARAZZA  jfost at yucca.net
PEARSON  north4k2jasb@mindspring.com
PECK  halesweb@aol.com
PENROD  quest@insightbb.com
PETTYCREW  pettycrewkd@yahoo.com
PLUGHOFF  theresap at charter.net
POUJADE  Rexgenealogy at aol.com
QUINN  pacshc@verizon.net
RATIGAN  marcenath at aol.com
RAVINELL  garymbarton@garymbarton.com
RICKEY  garymbarton@garymbarton.com
ROMIG  hazel at maui.net 
ROHN  prranker at hotmail.com
RYAN  rdashcraft at cybertrails.com
SAVANT  Fuzzyroy@verizon.net 
SCOTT  legacy at comnett.net 
SHIRLEY  halesweb@aol.com
SCHMITZ  arleta@bluevalley.net
SIDES  quest@insightbb.com
SIMPSON  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
SMART  ka7ndy@sbcglobal.net 
SMITH, George  gbr3 at redrock.net 
SOWDEN  pmcastagneto at earthlink.net 
STAPLES  jerryS1@aol.com
STEELE  jtdris@ix.netcom.com
STODDARD  willie@win4co.com
TAYLOR  jtdris at ix.netcom.com
TERRELL  joanach@wayfarer1.com 
TOBIASSON  beezy at mvdsl.com 
TRANTER  anorahs at socket.net 
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TREPTOW  IrishAuges@aol.com
URBAN  ParraPromotions at aol.com
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WATKINS  tariwatkins at sbcglobal.net
WEAVER   Donna Sharp
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