This listing includes historic sites so if your research leads you to a town that isn't on the map, check it out here! Mining and the Railroad had a great deal to do with settlements that grew up in Nevada. Many names are in actuality railroad sidings or stops where the railroad would pick up workers, get water, and some work crews lived there. This was prior to electricity. If you know anything about Nevada history, you know that "boom and bust" was the way it went!

Acoma Mining Camp 26 miles east of Caliente
Alamo Pahranagat Valley  
Angle City near Vigo  
Ash Springs Pahranagat Valley north of Alamo  
Atlanta 4 miles NE of Pioche Est. October 1907. Also called Silver Peak & Silver Springs
Barclay Clover Valley 19 miles NE of Caliente  PHOTOS!
Big Trees Highland Peak  
Boyd North of Elgin Railroad Station
Bristol 16-20 west of Pioche Railroad Station also called Jackpot   PHOTOS!
Bristol Well (Historic) 23 miles north of Pioche  
Brown near Acoma  
Bullionville (Historic) 10 miles south of Pioche PRIVATE PROPERTY also called Ely City - PHOTO!
Caliente est. 1857 as Culverwell's Ranch Also called Clover Junction - PHOTO!
Carp 38 miles south of Caliente orig. Cliffdale. Est. 1907  PHOTOS!
Caselton south slope of Ely Mountain est. 1920's by Combined Metals Reduction Co.  PHOTOS!
Cave Valley (Historic) East of south Egan Range was called 3 Butte Valley
Cedarhurst (Historic)    
Cold Spring    
Coyote Spring (Historic) old campsite west of Hoya  
Crestline 34 miles NE of Caliente non-agency railroad siding
Crossroads NE of Caliente  
Crystal Springs south of Hiko First County Seat
Deer Lodge (Historic) est. 1898 15 miles east of Pioche  
Delamar   orig 1892 as Reeves   PHOTOS!
Delmue(s) (Historic) 9 miles SE of Pioche non-agency station for UP RR
Eccles bet. Minto & Caliente UP RR siding in Clover Creek Canyon
Elgin 20 miles south of Caliente est. 1913   PHOTOS!
Etna 4 miles SW of Caliente UP RR station
Fay (Historic) Mining camp at UT-NV stateline INFO!
Ferguson (Historic) Delamar renamed Delamar or De Lamar
Flat Nose Rose Valley  
Freiburg (Historic) 75 miles west of Pioche est. 1865 in Coal Valley
Galt 10 miles south of Carp non-agency RR station
Geyser (Historic) 75 miles north of Pioche Ranch est. 1889
Groom (Historic) 30 miles from Yucca Flat Est. 1850 - on Government Land
Helene 1 mile north od Delamar Named for Ferguson's wife   PHOTOS!
Highland (Historic) 7 miles NW of Pioche  
Hiko Pahranagat Valley-north end 2nd County Seat Est. late 1860's
Hoya 20 miles north of Moapa Railroad siding
Indian Cove    
Islen 16 miles NE of Caliente Clover Valley RR siding
Jackrabbit (Historic) 20 miles north of Pioche Also called Royal City.  PHOTOS!
Joseco SE of Caliente Clover Valley
Karo (Historic) Trail Canyon 1917 to 1918
Kershaw (Historic) So of Caliente Existed 1892-1904
Kiernan (Historic) 5 miles south of Elgin Ranch est. 1870 by John Kiernan
Kyle 4 miles south of Elgin UP RR siding in Meadow Valley Wash
Leith 10 miles south of Elgin Non-agency RR station
Logan (Historic) 10 miles west of Hiko Est. 1865   PHOTOS!
Mendha 4 miles NW of Pioche RR siding
Midey Valley (Historic) NW of hiko & west of Caliente  
Montezuma (Historic) west of Patterson  
Mud Springs NE of Elgin Railroad siding
Newland (Historic) Bet. Pioche and Stateline 1896 - 1912
Ninemile Rocks Panaca Summit  
Oneota (Historic) at junction bet roads to Pioche, Hiko & Cherry Creek Est 1909 in Coal Valley
Panaca SR 25, 15 miles from Caliente Est. 1864. Southern Paiute word meaning metal
Patterson (Historic) 50 miles south SE of Ely Est. 1887
Pioche previously called Ely County Seat   Chamber of Commerce
Ghost Town Photos!
Pony Springs 25 miles north of Pioche Pony Express Stop
Princeton (Historic) near Pioche Existed 909-1910
Rachel near area 51-Test site INFO!
Richardville Near Alamo Small farming community Est. 1860's
Rose Valley Ursine Valley  
Rox 15 miles north of Moapa UP RR station est. 1902
Royal City bet. Bristol and Pioche Jackrabbit
Silver City Bet. Hiko & Ash Springs on old map
Spring Valley (Historic) Hot Springs Est. 1866 (Former Roop County)
Stine Bet. Etna and Boyd UP RR siding Meadow Valley Wash
Strawberry Hill Near Caliente  
Sundown White Blotch Springs NE  
Tempest (Historic) Bristol Est. 1922
Tempiute Also called Timpahiute Est. 1868
Ursine 13 miles NE of Pioche Farming community in Eagle Valley est. 1863
Viola (Historic) Meadow Valley Wash  
Wilson Creek NE of Pioche  
Yoachum (Historic) near Caliente Archie Yoachum Ranch 1893-1902
White Pine County, Nevada. Clark County, Nevada, Nye County, Nevada
Iron County, Utah, Beaver County, Utah. Washington County, Utah, Mohave County, Arizona

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