Compiled by
W. M. Haulser     F. G. Howe
A. C. Doyle

Soldiers Record Publishing Association: Washington, D. C.
The copyright date is 1920 held by the publishing company.


HE purpose of this work is to present a record, complete and accurate, of the American soldiers who lost their lives in Europe in the World War.
Before the Armistice was signed, which ended hostilities, the writer, then in training camp, was impressed with the importance and value of such a record as would permanently embody the sacrifices of the men who gave all for the cause of freedom on the battlefields of France and other fronts of the great conflict.  The plan of the work was outlined and details for assembling the photographs and collecting other data for these volumes were worked out.  The plan was made known to Mr. F. G. Howe, then engaged in war work in Washington, and to Mr. A. C. Doyle, who was in training camp.  An association was formed to assemble the data, compile and publish the work.  Mr. Howe immediately began to collecting of materials and was later joined by Mr. Doyle.  To them is due in large measure the success of launching the undertaking.
          We soon learned that it would be impossible to obtain the photographs of all the soldiers who died in the great war.  Many left no photographs, the relatives of many others were reluctant to part with the picture they had, and in some cases conditions were met most unfavorable to the enterprise, but with an abiding faith in the value of this record to the relatives and friends of the departed soldiers, and to the public as a historical record, the association continued its labors with an increasing degree of success.  The collection of materials continued for a period of over one year, during which time they were made ready for publication.
          In all cases the best photograph available, in many instances and of the world.  We cannot add luster to their memory.  We have only sought to keep bright in this permanent form the memory of their noble sacrifice.  It is our earnest desire that these volumes shall be a constant reminder of the precious price paid by brave men in a national crisis for liberty.  May the citizenship of this Republic be inspired with as lofty ideals in the perpetuation of American institutions as were these men in defending them!


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Below is the listing of Nevada soldiers who died during the Great War (WWI):

surname given name Rank town status index page picture page
AITKEN Leonard C. Lt. Reno KA 221 219
ANDERSON Clarence J. Pvt. Cambridge KA 221 219
BEUHANNON Charles E. Pvt. Wells DD 221 219
BLAIR Maurice Pvt. Goldfield DW 221 219
BLISS Horace G. Pvt. Baker KA 221 219
BONSER Clinton L. Pvt. Reno DD 221 219
BROE Lawrence Pvt. Reno KA 221 219
BULLERS Frederick W. Pvt. Hamilton KA 221 219
CLARK Ben Pvt. Silver City KA 221 219
COOPER Henry Pvt. Battle Mountain DW 221 219
DAVIS George A. Pvt. Fallon DD 221 219
DAVID Lute Jr. Pvt. Goldhill DD 221 219
DOHERTY Jack F. Pvt. Goldfield DA 221 219
DURENBERGER Peter O. Sgt. Silver City KA 221 219
FOGED Lawrence P. Pvt. Carson City KA 221 219
FREITAS Antonio Pvt. Yerington/font> KA 221 219
FULLER Frank Pvt. Las Vegas KA 221 219
GALLAGHER Walter J. Sgt. Virginia City KA 221 219
HALL James Pvt. Fallon DD 221 219
HOBBINS Charles F. Lt. Reno KA 221 219
HORGAN William J. Pvt. Reno DD 221 219
JEPSEN Donald C. Pvt. Minden KA 221 219
KNARR Donald C. Pvt. Reno DW 221 219
KUBIACHI Vedo Pvt. Tonopah KA 221 219
LANDRIGAN Edward J. Pvt. Tecoma DD 221 219
LUNDGREN Fred Cpl. Osceola KA 221 219
MADELENA Frank M. Pvt. Fernley KA 221 219
MANN William P. Pvt. Las Vegas KA 221 219
MARGEAS Bill Pvt. McGill DW 221 219
MARSH Heenry P. Sgt. Vya KA 221 219
MARTIN Harold Cpl. Winnemucca DD 221 219
MERRIGAN Edward J. Pvt. Tecoma DD 221 219
MOORE Roxie P. Lt. Mason DD 221 219
NEWMAN John E. Cpl. Carson City DW 221 219
O'NEIL David G. Jr. Pvt. Reno KA 221 219
PERKINS Woodruff Pvt. Overton KA 221 219
PETERS Frank Pvt. Lee DD 221 219
RAMSEY Richard B. Pvt. McGill/font> DD 221 219
REID Chester F. Pvt. Elko KA 221 219
REID Lauren G. Pvt. Virginia City KA 221 219
RILER Charles R. Pvt. Mendon KA 221 219
SPIKER Burney Cpl. Scott's Bluff KA 221 219
TENENTE Antonio F. Pvt. Lovelock KA 221 219
TOGNIOTTI Domenico Pvt. Elko DW 221 219
VIAENE August Pvt. Fernley KA 221 219
VOLLMAR Adolph Pvt. Silver Peak DD 221 219
WHITBURN Frederick W. Pvt. Austin KA 221 219

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