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Queries and surname registers provide a way for genealogical researchers to contact each other to exchange research information on families of mutual interest. Queries usually contain a specific research question about an individual or family and normally indicate what information the researcher would like to find. Surname registers simply list the family names in which the researcher is interested.

Queries have been routinely included in printed genealogical magazines and newsletters for many years. Often genealogical societies publish listings of surnames which their members are researching. Sometimes these societies have issued special surname registers while at other times members' surname interests are listed in a section of the society's newsletter. The same approach to maintaining queries and surnames lists are now followed on many genealogical web sites. You can view and place queries concerning Esmeralda County families as well as view and add surnames concerning Esmeralda County families on surname registration pages.


Individuals can place queries concerning Esmeralda County families they are researching on one of the commercial message boards listed below.

Surnames and Researchers

Individuals can register the surnames of Esmeralda families they are researching so that others can contact them to exchange information. This register will be maintained at this web site indefinitely.

Other Sources

There are many other query and surname registration sites on the internet which may be useful in researching Esmeralda County families. Some sites are national or international in scope, some include pages or boards for specific geographic areas or particular surnames. The following is a selected list of useful sites.

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