Genealogy and Local History in Esmeralda County, Nevada
Pictures, Postcards, etc.

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Online Sources

  • Gold Point Ghost Town (offsite) - Views of Gold Point
  • Goldfield, Nevada (offsite) - Includes views of buildings in Goldfield
  • JeanCooke's Goldfield Page (offsite) - Includes views of buildings in Goldfield
  • Pictures of Old Nevada (offsite) - Includes links pages with pictures from Esmeralda County locales such as Cave Springs, Fish Lake Valley, General Thomas, Gold Point, Goldfield, Hardluck, Klondike, Montezuma, Old Camp, Palmetto, Pearl Spring, Stateline, Sylvania Canyon, Tokop, Weepah, etc., as well as the rest of the state of Nevada
  • Southern Nevada, Goldfield to Amargosa (offsite) - Includes views of Goldfield and Lida Junction

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